Price of a Disc Jockey – Understanding The Relationship Between Price, Quality and Service

Unfortunately most couples when searching for a DJ/MC to provide the entertainment at their wedding, don’t know anything about what they should look for when hiring one! From experience, in nearly every case, the very first thing they ask when the DJ picks up the phone is, “How much do you charge?”. Most have not even considered that the concept of price is only one of three factors that dictates the economic standards of competitive enterprise. These three components are PRICE, QUALITY and SERVICE.

Many couples want a cheap price, but the highest quality and best service for their wedding celebration. More often than not, for a cheap price the couple ends up with a cheap celebration and cheap quality which relates directly to the minimal fee paid for their chosen DJ. It is important to understand that when one of these three components is compromised, it inadvertently impacts one or both of the other two components in a negative way. Higher prices are almost always associated with quality – in the case of a DJ Entertainer this translates to extremely professional, polished performances, strong customer service efforts and great attention to detail. A DJ service that charges a higher fee for their talent and skills, usually has earned this right due to great public and industry respect gained over a long period, by continuously meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Not surprisingly, most professional, reputable DJs will charge a higher fee for their services than a hobby or part-time DJ who is only looking to make a few extra dollars on the side. For the reasons explained above, you should fully question a DJ service that is low in most likely, quality and service will also be low. Accordingly, there is a very good chance you will be putting the success of your wedding celebration at risk in order to save a few dollars. Also, bear in mind all the time and money you have already invested in your wedding day and the impact the DJ/MC has on it’s success. If the venue was just average, the food was only ordinary, the speeches were far too long, but the entertainment was exceptional, your guests will still always remember your wedding as one of the best they have ever attended.

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